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General Terms and Conditions

Our services are subject to General Terms and Conditions. Any engagement initiated on 1 mars 2016 or later is subject to the terms and conditions below.

Download the General Terms and Conditions here:

English language version

The consumer dispute resolution board (“Konsumenttvistnämnden”) of the Swedish Bar Association has the following contact details:
Address: P.O. Box 27321, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0)8-459 03 00
E-mail: Konsumenttvistnamnden@advokatsamfundet.se
Webb address: www.advokatsamfundet.se/konsumenttvistnamnden

Swedish language version

Konsumenttvistnämnden har följande kontaktuppgifter:
Postadress: Box 27321, 102 54 Stockholm
Telefon: 08-459 03 00
E-post: Konsumenttvistnamnden@advokatsamfundet.se
Webbadress: www.advokatsamfundet.se/konsumenttvistnamnden