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China Desk

Our China Desk team is composed of experts specialized in different legal areas and with experience in various industrial branches. The team members have obtained extensive knowledge and experience in doing business with China by working successfully with both international and Chinese clients. We can also help you to understand the Chinese business culture and legal system by having a dual-qualified lawyer speaking fluent Swedish, English and Chinese on board.

Our Chinese-speaking lawyer in the team has always been appreciated for facilitating the contacts and communication between Chinese companies and Swedish companies.

Setterwalls China Desk provides advice and guidance to companies doing Swedish-Chinese business. With our experience in legal systems, business and culture in both countries, Setterwalls China Desk has the best possible prerequisites to help our clients make successful business between the two countries. And we can do this fluently in Chinese, English and Swedish.

Our extensive contacts with different Chinese leading law firms and other service companies located all over China make it possible for us to provide tailored services to our clients according to their different needs.

All of these advantages make Setterwalls a valuable partner when you establish or do business in China or with Chinese companies.


Read more about our China Desk in our leaflet. 


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